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GDPS Gas Protector

Why GDPS is the safest gas protector?

It´s simple, GDPS is not a "detector", GDPS protect your home even where you are not at home, becouse the patented valve cut down the gas supplie or bad combustion and reestablishes the supply only in a save moment for you. It doesnt matter if you are able to take care of the gas. Anytime, GDPS will do it becouse even in case of electricty failure, GDPS system  have a internal battery. GDPS take care of you

Our company

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Certificates and test

  • Test: ENAGAS, LCOE
  • Certificates: Spanish Bureau Veritas and LCOE
  • Regulations: UNE-EN 50270, 50291, 50194 and 60335
  • Conformity: CE